I am very excited for my last year in high school. I am excited to go to college. Though both make me nervous. I am nervous I perform up to standard. I am nervous I won’t get into college. You get both excitement and fear, and I think both go hand in hand. I really am looking forward to walking the stage and getting my diploma. I’m nervous though, and i visualize myself walking and then tripping the causing a huge commotion due to me tripping, knocking down some sort of pillar which causes the whole foundation to collapse thus ending everyone’s graduation, ruining the day. I have about another thousand of these situations played out in my head. I also have situations of me going to college played out and a lot of them don’t go well either, so a lot of them make me more nervous about this upcoming year. I believe that I can do it though, everyone has their doubts, everyone has their own opinion, and everyone feels differently about this. I just hope everything goes well. I really want to do well this year, I want to do a lot more this year, help the community and help the school. I’ll find a way. Oh I love adding pictures to my posts. SO HERE IS ONE AT KEY CLUB’S 64th ANNUAL DCON 2013.


You play Ukulele? (PB)

I believe that the ukulele has one of the warmest sounds in music. I have been playing the uke ever since the end of my 8th grade year. The uke seemed to become popular overnight in California. It is because of YouTube stars such as Aj rafael, Gabe bondoc, JRA, and various other covered songs using a ukulele. The ukulele became an easy instrument to play, and it was relatively easy to find chords for songs that were originally meant for guitar and play them on the ukulele with great results. Also ukuleles are cheap, the cheapest ones can go for $35 for a decent quality beginner ukulele, to a $1,250 dollar ukulele which is made out of some rare wood that Buddha probably used, I don’t really know. There are also different kind of ukes! Or sizes! Well there is the soprano, baritone, tenor, and the concerto. I have owned a soprano which is the most common type of ukulele. It is know for its warm rich “Hawaiian sound”, makes jamming out with other people really fun. Though I own a concerto now. There is a slight difference between the soprano and concerto ukulele, the concerto can also be called the alto, it is known for having a much fuller sound to it, making it have the better performance quality and overall sound quality. The concerto is a bit bigger than the soprano, yet they are both fun to play and are tuned in the Same “G-C-E-A” tuning, or Standard ukulele tuning. The tenor ukulele is a bit bigger than the concerto and has a fuller sound than both its companions, I have only had the pleasure of playing a tenor once. So I am not very well acquainted with it. The final ukulele type I will mention is the baritone which sounds relatively similar to the guitar, deeper richer sounds with heavier bass. I also have very little experience with this ukulele, I prefer soprano and concerto ukuleles. I consider the ukulele to be a serious instrument, people say the ukulele is just a child’s instrument and it is very simple to learn, I can prove them wrong by playing songs by Jake Shimabukuro. Jake is a legend for the ukulele community, he has completely changed ukulele for the masses showing that the ukulele is as intricate and deep as any other instruments and can be played with the same passion as any other instrument. Mr. Shimabukuro also believes the ukulele is the “Instrument of peace” and that “… Everyone should just pick it up and be happy”. The ukulele has become a very important part of my life, it helps me escape from reality, enjoy good pieces of music, and it exposed me to Hawaiian music. I believe I can be a surfer with long hair now and surf in Hawaii. I don’t know how that’s relevant. Anyways here’s a picture of me with Jireh at Seattle Rally holding ukuleles after we jammed out. Image

You’re a Senior????

Woah! Senior year has come faster than I ever expected. I can finally relate to the Seniors I spoke to during my freshmen year, they said things such as “Dude! I feel like freshy year was yesterday!”. To be honest it seriously feels like it was yesterday. I kind of wish I did more with my first two years of High School. I really exposed my major weaknesses during those two years. I am bad with prioritizing things, I didn’t care about school my 1st year. Instead I constant slept in class, focused on my social life, and my significant other at the time. I realized this too late. I am trying to improve myself both as a person and a student, and so far progress doing this as been good. Yet it is a slow process. I have been told my strengths as a student was always speeches, debates, discussions, personal writing, and presentations. I believe I have great leadership skills also, most of the time I fail to express myself due to the fact that I am at a new school. I am trying though.  I want to be the Senior who really  shines in a positive light this year, go out with a bang instead of a whisper, make my mark. I want to be the Senior that the underclassmen look up to. I want to be the Senior who does everything he is supposed to. To be a better person. ALSO HERE’S A PICTURE OF ME WHEN I WAS A FRESHYYY!Image


Before I start i want to explain what Key Club is. IS IT A CLUB ABOUT KEYS? No it is not a Club about physical keys, Though we still open doors. Doors to opportunity, Doors of service, and Doors of caring. Key Club’s motto is “Caring – Our way of life.” Key Club is part of the Kiwanis family. Key club is one of the largest student led organizations in the world. Comprising of over 5,000 clubs, and 261,000 members (KeyClub.org). Where there is a Key club, the members actively seek to help the community and better the world, Through major events such as our District Project or minor events such as a service project at the beach, or even as small as a small school cleanup. Key Club is comprised of districts and districts are divided into division that make up a district, and Clubs that make up the Division. We are part of the Pacific Northwest district, which is the largest geographically, It includes Washington, Oregon, the pan-handle of Idaho, Western Canada, Alaska, and even parts of northern California. We have 12,000 members and over 300+ clubs. We have 40 Lieutenant governors to overview these Key clubs in the Divisions. Each Lieutenant Governor has 5-15 high schools in their division to overview and help. I am one of the Two for Vancouver, WA. I have 6 high schools in Division 45 comprising of 300 Key clubbers, Columbia River, Hudson’s Bay, Hockinson, Prairie, Skvview, and iTech Prep.

Key Club has been a life changing experience for me . I have a 2nd Family, that Key clubbers know as their District board. I have friends in places like Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver B.C., Alaska, Idaho, Spokane, Pullman, Eugene, Canby, and Portland. I have been a Key clubber ever since I was a Freshman, I joined the club due to the community service. Though I did little community service whilst i was in Key Club in the beginning to be honest, later on i got more involved and starting volunteering at parks, the blood drive, and various non-profit charity events. If I keep going on I’ll type too much, so I’ll leave you guys with this picture. I love Key Club and you should join HOCKINSON HIGH SCHOOL’S KEY CLUB. Image


  Well my goals for AP Literature and composition, are uhhh… I KNOW! To pass the class of course. Maybe get a 5 on that AP test. HA! My hopes are really high though, I sometimes wish I actually had the courage to say that out loud. I think I prepared enough for AP Literature. Though one can never be fully prepared for what comes next. I am definitely excited to get back into the work, and try to improve my work ethic. I hope that I also improve my reading skills, and analytical skills in general. That is basically all that I have for goals. Pass the class. Get a good AP Test score. Survive.
Oh and here’s a picture of me performing for a Ton of Key Clubbers up in Tacoma. Featuring: Philip, Jireh, and Amy.

Introduction as a reader.

                     Hey! My name is Anthony. If i were to describe myself as a reader, I would say I am very into books such as The Hobbit, Fight Club, Dracula, Lolita, and The girl with the dragon tattoo.  I read lots of books that have become pop culture icons, Dracula added vampires into the array of monsters we generally read about in books. Fight Club was interesting due to the fact of its ending, it also created a big following of fans who usually greet people by saying “Hit me as hard as you can”. The Hobbit definitely changed the way I view mythical beings, hobbits, elves and dwarfs, it added John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s fictional language of elvish which inspired other authors to create their very own mythical languages in books, to Tolkien the elvish language was a real one due to the attention of detail, the real alphabet, and the phonetic sounds. Lolita was an Oh my goodness sort of book, it’s a book you have to read for yourself to understand what I am talking about I won’t even go into detail. As I a reader I have always been into fiction, stories that take me out of this world and put me right in the middle of another is in itself beautiful. Today I am Anthony, later tonight I can see myself as a glorious knight of the kingsguard, tomorrow during the afternoon I might be a dragon. I do enjoy the occasional informational book, but I would much rather be invested in a book that has a plot with lots of depth. The kind of book that makes you go “Oh my god” after you’ve read it, The kind of book that makes you reevaluate what you have done with your life, The kind of book that just makes you want to live in its world, The kind of book that makes you think about our world in comparison. I have not been able to read a lot recently and that has made me quite bored. I am planning on reading a lot this upcoming year so it is very exciting.  Well here is a random photo I took while I was at a Key Club rally in Tacoma.